Issue Tagging

Moderators can tag a moderation item with issue tags so that the moderated item is saved in the Tagged Issues report after the item is moderated. For more information, see the Tagged Issues Report.

Tagging Issues

The queues assigned to you are listed on the left-hand side of the Moderator’s panel. To select a queue, click a queue name from the list. The number of items awaiting moderation are listed to the right of the queue name.

Number of Items Waiting To Be Moderated

Number of Items Waiting To Be Moderated

  1. From the Moderation Manager Moderators’s Panel, find the item you want to moderate and select a moderation action like Keep.

    A popup displays so that you can tag the moderation item with relevant issues.

    Tagging Issue

  2. Select an issue from the existing list, or create new custom issues separated by commas.

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