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New in Pluck 6.0


Pluck Outreach is an enhancement to our existing notifications system that gives you a way to keep community members engaged and returning to your site even when they are not online by sending out targeted, specific emails to them when others respond to content they are interested in, enticing them to return to your community to continue the conversation.

With over 40 pre-set Pluck actions that can be set to trigger Outreach notifications, you can customize Outreach to craft emails that meet your specific needs and deliver your community strategy directly to your members inboxes. With customizable, easy-to-edit templates, you can ensure that the messaging and styling matches your brand. You can easily add your logo and adjust colors, fonts, etc. to match your branding.

Average mobile click-through rates are ~10%; and desktop click-through rates are ~15%, so implementing Pluck Outreach drives a considerable number of community users back to your site. Clicks and opens of Outreach emails are captured, so you can determine which notifications are providing the highest engagement and conversion. An opt-out link at the bottom of every email, in addition to opt-out settings within each user’s Persona, leaves your users in control of their inbox, preventing the appearance of spam.

Take advantage of Outreach by upgrading Pluck today and enabling notifications within the Community Management Workbench (CMW). If you have additional questions, contact your Pluck Representative. We’d love your feedback! For more information, see Outreach.

Community Management Workbench (CMW) Beta

The Community Management Workbench has been redesigned with simplification and ease of access in mind. Now wrapped in responsive design, you can use your mobile or tablet to access the CMW.

Older Features


Insights is Pluck ’s new data surfacing analytics suite. This beta release of Insights offers Reviews and Ratings analyses through a package of graphs and charts such as Top Movers, Rating and Volume Comparison, Top Products, and Number of Reviews by Rating. All of the data displayed can be filtered by numerous criteria like age, date, website instance, and product key. For more information about Insights, see Pluck Insights. To learn how you can start using Insights, contact your Pluck Representative.

Moderator-Tagged Issues

Moderators can now tag issues based on descriptors they define from the content of the moderated items, such as Reviews. This feature is useful for moderators that want to help companies provide service to customers that have had a bad experience or have some other problem they mention even though the review might be a positively rated one. For more information, see Tagged Issues in the Release Notes and Issue Tagging in the Moderation Guide.

Review Aggregate Report

The Review Aggregate Report is a summary report for updating external databases with counts and averages of overall review ratings. It is provided as a .zip file, runs nightly, and there is only one instance of the report at any time; all ExternalResources and DiscoveryCategories that have had a review made against them are represented. For more information, see Review Aggregate Report in the Release Notes.

Anonymous Reactions

Now you can capture Anonymous Reactions and capture user sentiment that would otherwise be lost. For more information, see Anonymous Reactions in the Release Notes. Microdata

Pluck now supports’s microdata format for HTML markup for Review Rollups to ensure your reviews appear in search results. For more information on using, see

Pluck Updated To Support Twitter 64-bit User IDs

Pluck has been updated to support Twitter’s move to 64-bit User IDs. For more information, see Moving to 64-bit Twitter User IDs.


Toast notifications are real-time pop-up notifications that appear at the bottom of the page when you are awarded points or a badge. The notification informs you of the award, and then fades away after a specified amount of time. For more information, see the Release Notes.

Pre-Fabricated Review Attributes and Characteristics

Pluck offers exceptional flexibility in choosing multi-attribute ratings and author attributes for reviews. With 5.4, we now offer “pre-fabs” that let you quickly deploy attributes we’ve discovered during an analysis of industry best practices. With attributes in over 100 different product categories, getting more details from your reviewers through the use of this feature has never been easier.

Starter Rule Sets

Starter Rule Sets solve the common issue when implementing Gamification of not knowing how to begin setting up rules of engagement. The six games included in the starter rule sets were created using Gamification best practices discovered over the past four years. They provide a simple copy and paste functionality into the Pluck Community Management Workbench, while still providing you the flexibility to adjust the points awarded, as well additional factors customized to your community’s needs.

Open Review eXchange Beta Updates

The 5.3 Open Review eXchange Beta includes a review exporter, linked source attribution, a tracking mechanism, source site filtering, gamification import on/off toggle, improved error messaging, import/export scheduling, and various bug fixes. For more information, see the Release Notes.

Social Sign-On in Reactions

Anonymous users that click on a Reaction are now prompted to connect to their Facebook identity, earning you valuable verified community members.

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Sunset Policy

Read about Pluck’s sunset policy for all of its major versions, API packages, and widgets.

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